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Rhys Morgan’s “Remission” – My Adaptation

Rhys Morgan – The Welsh Boyo blogger famed for cracking down on Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) and other alternative medicine quackery, wrote this brilliant post about his remission from Crohn’s disease. I asked him if I could adapt it for my own chronic neurologic and neurosurgical stuff, and he gave the go-ahead. 

For the last time, before I get any more stupid comments suggesting some ridiculous quacky cure…

Unless you are a neurologist/neurosurgeon or some expert on migraines or hydrocephalus, I don’t care what cured your friend when you suggested it to them, I will not use your cure/treatment.

This includes:

  • Standing on my head – with or without my bum against a wall and my legs raised over my head (yes, someone has actually recommended that to me!) 
  • Herbs
  • Essential oils
  • Aromatherapy
  • Unproven treatments
  • Cutting out dairy (sugar, chocolate, coffee, tea, babies, red meat…)
  • Actually, cutting out anything from my diet

The main reason for this is because I’m on a treatment that is (sort of) working.

I am in remission. But my headaches cannot be cured. They’re not the kinds of headaches normal people get.

I like my milk. I like my food. They do not cause me any headache-y issues.

None. Nada. Zilch. Nothing.

Therefore, cutting them out of my diet would be pointlessly cruel to myself. I don’t need to cut them out, therefore I won’t.

A shunt for my hydrocephalus is not the same thing as a stent. Every time someone confuses these two things when asking questions about the shunt, and I have a headache that is a 7 out of 10 on the pain scale, it is very aggravating and tiring to have to explain the difference, again. I’ve provided an explanation of the difference between these two devices here.

I don’t go round trusting any ol’ person. If I want any serious advice on my hydrocephalus or treatments for it, I will go to my doctor. Not the internet.


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