I’m Making a Dammit List – Right Now, Dammit!

I came across this on Havi Brooks’ Fluent Self website:

The Dammit List

Today, I’ve had to deal with an annoying miscommunication in my personal life. I don;t think I’m completely right or wrong, nor do I think the other person in this equation is completely right or wrong. Objectively, it needs to be said that we’re both equally responsible…

But it still feels like I’m the one who’s been run over by a truck. 

I could use the exercise of making up that Dammit List, in raw form, right now.

I want to hit the reset button.

More info…

Aaaand, I think I will also make The Book of You…erm, of Me, rather.

I like the idea of having these in physical objects: the Book of You, for instance, could be made from a nice scrapbook like this one. The Dammit List can just be printed up on the wall, or it can get pasted into the Book of You.

It could have a Brag Book section, or I could make a separate Brag book with the same kind of materials: scrapbook, stencils, photo corners, and coloured markers. I have plenty of markers at home, so I don’t need to buy more.

For now, I’ll just make a rough list in Google Docs. May post it here.

But only if I feel like it, dammit.