This is me knitting with my Winnipeg cat, Elsa. She’s 15 now, and lives with my mom, and loved to supervise my knitting.

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I’ve been knitting since I was ten years old. My maternal grandmother taught me to knit, and patiently guided me through the long, arduous process of knitting my first scarf. Now, so many years later, I still get excited when I see new yarns in store windows. It’s become an obsession!

I spend a lot of my free time knitting. I started with scarves and blankets, did that for YEARS, then I got bored and tried a new stitch my mom taught me (washcloths, using the yarn over technique), and recently I made a preemie hat, but it turned out to be too small because the lady who bought it had an extra-large sprog!

I’ve also branched out into knitting preemie hats and washcloths, and love learning new stitches, so I can make more warm, fuzzy knitted things. I have a weird sense of humor that tends towards the bizarre, and a library full of books about serial killers.  I love movies that nobody’s ever heard of, and watching TV and movies is what I do whilst knitting.

I developed knitting as a hobby after I started suffering from chronic severe headaches in 2003. After we ruled out my congenital hydrocephalus as a cause, we’re still searching for the right migraine prophylactic.

When I’m having a bad day pain-wise, I find that knitting helps take my mind off of it. Once I see some new yarn, or a new pattern, I start to drool over it.

Do you want something soft and cuddly to snuggle under when you’re not feeling well? Drop me a line and we’ll see what I can knit for you!