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Love and Hugs

Shhhh don’t tell anyone I have a comforter! I love this blanket for so many reasons, the colours I wanted were to match the flag for bisexuality, Steph got them spot on. The quality of the wool is fabulous too. It is really soft which is great for my sensitive skin (caused by Fibromyalgia) and it is great for keeping me warm as I have Raynauds too. I will buy again from Steph.

~ Claire “Linus” Kenton


 Stephanie Briggs made this awesome scarf. I wear it all the time now that it’s finally cold out!

~Marlo Williams (Edmond, OK, USA)



I am looking forward to getting the shawl and I love the yellow scarf that you made for me so much. People always comment on the vibrant yellow of it. I like to tell them that the “van Gogh” of scarf-making “colored” it this way! I get some funny, nervous laughs as they don’t know what the hell I am talking about or no-nothing, empty nods or, every now and then, “Oh yes, the wheat fields (wild flowers, bedroom and such).” I know that I have reached the latter. I let the others just “go,” unless they ask me what I meant. Then, I tell them that Stephanie, in England, made this for me and the colors she gave me to choose from in her palette of materials is awesome! Stuff like that . . . . You ARE an artist! Enjoy it!

~Anyse (Portland, OR, USA)



Here’s a blanket that I knitted many years ago for my Russian friend, Irina. She loves the colours of the leaves in autumn.


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