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All prices are in USD and do NOT include S&H.

Afghans, Throws and Large Blankets: $294-$500

Baby Blankets: $15-30

Scarves: $16-60

Washcloths: $3.33 each; also available as a set (ie 3 for $9.99) See available colours here!


  • Preemie Hats: $35
  • Baby Hats: TBA
  • Adult Hats $70

In-stock items will have a set price.

Custom Orders = depends on the order, which could consist of any types of knitted things from the above categories. The prices above are an approximation that also applies to custom orders.

More info on Custom Orders!


What’s Included?

The knitted item, plus laundry and care instructions so you can get the most out of its warm fuzziness.

A FREE quote, plus in-progress pictures if you want them.

What’s Not Included?

Packaging and Shipping Costs – calculated by weight and destination.

Note: Payments can be made through Paypal (goods and services) to [email protected]

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