On BorrowMyDoggy – A Rant

I’ve been on Borrow My Doggy for a couple years as a borrower, and it does seem that people just want a free walker, which in my opinion is a shame. I haven’t had a dog in 8 years because of moving from Canada to the UK, and we cannot have a dog in our house because it’s a rental. So I really miss them.

So I joined in hope of being able to hang out with other people’s dogs. I can’t walk them, but I can cuddle them and play indoor fetch with them, keep them company, and let them in and out for potty breaks. 

I’ve offered to sit dogs at their own homes for hours at a time (ie normal working hours when the human would be away, so the dogs wouldn’t spend the day all alone), but finding places with a downstairs loo in the UK is almost impossible. I’ve also faced unfair assumptions about what a person like me with CP is capable of with regard to dog-sitting. I made it clear on the site that I have a lot of experience with dogs, and I know my own limits. I grew up on a farm with 7 large dogs at any one time, and I know how to handle them. One was a Newfoundland.

Would it not be worse to conceal my disabilities from them? 

But people seem to be set in their ways about making erroneous assumptions when it comes to disabilities.

Before you get the chance to demonstrate what you can do, they have decided for you, what you cannot do. 

It’s extremely upsetting. I’m sad. I have a lot to offer.