Why I’m NOT Wal-Mart, and How Tara Swiger Helps Crafters

pink hand-knitted washcloth (click to buy on Etsy)

Tara Swiger, Starship Craftybiz Captain, taught me a LOT about selling your handmade art – whatever that might be. Remember – “You are not Wal-mart! And that’s why we love you.”

She has offered many different online courses and groups to help handmade marketers. “Bake Sale Marketing” and her “Starship Craftybiz” are two of the courses I’ve taken. Lots of chat and email help as well as PDF and print resources you can keep and print off as references and worksheets to work through. (
It looks as though some of the names of her courses might have changed since I took them, so get in touch with her to see what might work best for you.)
Since I have low spoon issues, I was very happy to be able to work through everything at my own pace – which, admittedly, these days means zero – I just knit. But I have all the files and stuff on my beastie to use any time I want. The only reason I haven’t renewed my “Starship Craftybiz Captain” membership is because I feel my spoon levels couldn’t do it justice right now. I hope she keeps it going, because it’s an excellent resource for anyone who makes handmade art.